The Quick And The Dead

 featuring guests Albert Lee, Mollie Marriott, Dave Swarbrick, Alan Glen, Brendan O'Neill, Gary Barnacle, Tim Hinkley. Ten very exciting tracks!


Adult Show

12 Track CD I Just Wanna Make Love To You Professor Honey Juice Blues Swine Fever Blues I'm A Hog For You Sebastian Blues Steady Rollin Man Walkin' Blues When The Damage Is Done Rough And Ready Katie Little By Little I Got Life


Push Me Too Far

7 Track 2009 Reissue Album. Back on sale again due to public demand. You Don't Love Me Like You Used To Young Love Blues Professor Honey Juice (Early Version) Hole In My Life On The Road Again(Live) All Over Now Push Me Too Far


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Cut And Run

Brand new exciting album. 10 great new numbers. Limited run


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